Thinking to launch your e-commerce site?

Shopify plus and Magento enterprise edition, both are biggest competitors of ecommerce market and widely used platforms of today.  Yet, store owners need to select only one for their business. For this reason, they need to decide not only on single factor. Instead, many ecommerce features should be considered.

One of the best ways to identify the right platform to land your site with is to study Shopify plus VS Magneto Enterprise (Reviews). Other way to compare Shopify VS Magneto is to look at the big brands that use them.

Both store platforms have been powering some big businesses successfully. Nike, Rosetta Stone, Olympus, and Ghiradelli are some big brands associated with Magento Enterprise. Shopify also boasts some big names like Tesla and the Los Angeles Lakers’ Store.

Ease of Use

With Magento, you must have someone who’s skillful or a developer. Otherwise, you would end up shelling out lots of time learning how to use it. Luckily, this is not the case with Shopify plus. You can build your online store with minimal technical experience. This means that Shopify plus allows you to focus more on online selling and let you take care of your customers (which is highly important).


Customer support is highly needed when doing virtual business. Shopify offers an outstanding level of support. This is what really entice many store owners, and motivate them to switch from Magento Enterprise.


Store owners don’t get to worry about security of their Shopify websites. Also, Shopify plus never stores customer’s financial details. In addition, Shopify is PCI level 1 compliant. This means your store can never be a substantial target to hackers. On the other hand, Magento Enterprise has had some bad experiences related to security breaches.


We all know that speed matters in digital world. Even, as minimal as one-second delayed web page can reduce conversions by 7%. Isn’t it remarkable? When you opt for a self-hosted platform like Magento Enterprise, your store speed mainly depends on both hosting provider and server you choose. This can be quite overwhelming for merchants. What will happen if your site slows down?

However, with Shopify Plus, this concern is all taken by platform itself. They are held responsible to fix any speed issue (if it ever happens). Shopify plus has got you covered.


It’s the ease of use, dedicated support, and powerful features of Shopify plus that has been encouraging users to switch from Magento Enterprise to Shopify plus.