Marketing is an essential element of the business. For a successful business your products need to be in the eyes of the customers. The customer must be able to recognize your product. And same goes for an online business.

When a customer needs to shop for something online, they search for it over the internet. This is where SEO does its job.

What is SEO?

SEO is ‘Search Engine Optimization’. SEO helps to build traffic to your store. More traffic means greater chances for your sales to spike up!

SEO is therefore a very important facility for any online business. And, obviously, it means that for your online business to get going you need an ecommerce platform that helps you optimize your online store. You would not want to put in all the effort of setting up the business and then losing all the potential customers because of poor SEO.

In terms of SEO, both of the ecommerce giants, Shopify and Magento are about the same. It is just a few things that are different.


Shopify is a search engine friendly ecommerce website provider. Whatever products you are offering are easily searchable over the internet. However, the thing that makes Shopify stand out is its in-depth optimization. This means that it becomes easier for search crawler to browse.  Shopify also has an App Store that provides some good SEO Apps which will help you get the traffic your store needs to meet your target sales. However, the downside of Shopify is that they provide a self-hosted severs, and this means that you cannot make any changes to the server. Magento’s Marketplace has also a number of Apps that back up SEO, but they are a bit expensive as compared to Shopify.


The downside of Shopify is the advantage of Magento. As Magento is an open-source solution, it allows you to make configurations with ease. And as for SEO, Magento allows you too make any changes that you want. Magento makes the use of Nofollow links, redirect, etc. This allows the search engines to access the website.

It’s very important to get information about the Search Engine Optimization facilities that your ecommerce platform is providing because it is the feature that is responsible to bring in the traffic to your website, grabbing the attention of your potential customers and eventually for your cash inflows!

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