Confused about what you should use as your ecommerce platform? Shopify or Magento? Worry no more! Here we will provide you with a brief yet useful comparison of both of the ecommerce platforms.  This comparison will help you clear your mind and make a decision accordingly. So let’s get started.


The first thing, while comparing two options, which comes to our mind is the cost of those options. Shopify can cost you from 29 USD per month to 299 USD per month depending on the package you choose to subscribe. Besides that, Shopify also charges a transaction fee on the transactions that your business makes. Magento, in contrast, charges less than Shopify. Its monthly subscription cost starts from 15 USD. Magento also provides a Community Edition which is free to use. But Magento’s cost does not cover hosting. You will have to pay for hosting separately.


Shopify and Magento, both offer good themes to their customers and it is hard to decide which one is better in this regard. However, Shopify has a little more themes in their collection. It offers 116 premium themes and 21 free themes. All of these themes have a modern look and you can easily use them without much technical knowledge.

Magento Theme Marketplace has also around 120 themes, some of which are free and for the others, they charge. A small drawback to Magento’s themes is that they are a bit difficult to use. So if you are a beginner it is better to choose Shopify.


Support is also one essential part that differentiates both of these ecommerce platform providers. Shopify provides a brilliant support system. They provide this through their 24/7 running live chat system, email feedbacks, and you can even call them. They have a strong knowledge base and forums that are ready to deliver their services.

Magento, contrarily, is not so good in this area. The only source of customer support is their community support forums. They do not have customer service representatives to solve issues. You would have to look for the solution to your problems on these forums alone.

Most businesses choose Shopify for their online business. This is because they provide a complete solution to all the problems that an online business might face. And even if you have to pay a little extra, the services that Shopify provides are worth it.

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